Apr 11, 2013

mind your manners

I had the idea a while back that my Acteens would enjoy attending an etiquette class to learn the basics of etiquette....or brush up on what they already knew.  So I asked Mrs. Sandra (our pastor's wife) if she would help out with this endeavor.  Not only did she teach Home Economics in school, but she used to have her own catering business.  She has been in charge of some of the most beautifully decorated events at our church....like our yearly ladies conference.  I'm so glad she so willingly agreed to help.

She decided she'd like to do the class in two parts.....one class at our regular meeting, and one in an actual restaurant. 

discussing the proper way to place your napkin in your lap
 She also had handouts for the girls to look at while she explained the purpose for certain place settings.

The girls were put into groups and each group was given a sample menu.  They were to look at the menu and put together a place setting that would be appropriate for that particular meal. 

Mrs. Sandra went around to each group and made suggestions if needed and answered questions.

As you can see from the pictures, we didn't use real china for this!  We even had some paper cups on hand.

To allow the girls to put their knowledge to work, she treated us all to a special dinner a couple of nights later at Daphne Lodge....a local favorite near our community. 

my beautiful niece, Autumn is one of the Acteens

A couple of the girls couldn't attend the dinner, but the rest of us met at the church to head out to our special dinner with Mrs. Sandra.  Of course, we had to have a few pictures made for the parents dropping them off!  It's Prom season now, so getting dressed up in semi-formal attire was alot of fun for them :)

My sister, Suzanne (far left), myself, and Melanie (our youth pastor's wife on the far right) joined them for a picture too.

Here we are at the restaurant just before going in. 
Daphne is a family owned business that has been in existence since 1952.  It's located near Veteran's Memorial State Park near Lake Blackshear.  They have been featured in Southern Living magazine as well as papers like The New York Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Check our their website here.

our table

our menu

Here's another group picture.  The second person from the front, on the left is Mrs. Sandra.  I wish I had taken the time to get a really good picture of just her.  She's a beautiful lady - on the inside and out!

It was a fantastic evening and I am so glad that it was well attended.  I believe the girls really enjoyed their special night out...maybe we should make it a yearly  affair? :)