Mar 22, 2013

this one's for the girls

I was going through the pictures on my phone the other day and realized I never posted photos of the Women's Conference at our church this year.  The pictures are too pretty not to share!

The theme for the conference this year was "The Rooms of Our Heart" and Mrs. Phillis Foy once again was our guest speaker. 

We did something a little different this year and also had small group time.  I was honored to lead one of the discussion group was in room 3 and we had such a great discussion about our homes and how the rooms of our home can be so much like the rooms of our hearts.

We were once again treated to a delicious lunch.  The social hall is always decorated beautifully for these events, but they outdid themselves this year!  Since the conference was close to Valentine's Day, red and pink were the chosen colors.

Refreshing pink lemonade or water

Delectable desserts!

Beautiful red roses on each table

My lunch :) I'll have to share the recipes.
They gave them to us in our goody bags.

a room full of women

pink and red bows on the chairs 

and of course...handsome waiters ;)

It was a beautiful day and I was so thankful to be a part of it.  Mrs. Foy always does a good job, but this was her best yet!

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