Feb 14, 2013

chai tea and teacakes

At a recent Acteens meeting, I talked my girls into trying some chai tea.  I've made it from 'scratch' before, but this particular blend was Oregon Chai from Walmart.....and surprisingly, they really liked it! 

I also made up a batch of 'Lottie Moon Tea Cakes' to go with it.  (You can get that recipe here). 

Because we had recently collected money as a church for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, I thought sharing a little more about the life of Lottie Moon would be of interest to them. 

Lottie Moon was definitely not a boring person!  Our monthly literature was full of information about her childhood and how she came to know Christ and eventually become a missionary. 

Now....I just need to find out if Annie Armstrong is known for any particular recipes ;)

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