Feb 14, 2013

Valentine's for widows

I am so proud of my Acteens! 

At our January meeting, I asked them to come up with our next monthly project.  They decided to make something for Valentine's Day for the elderly in our church.  From there, it was narrowed down to the widowed ladies in our church family. 

So at our February meeting, we got together and they made the cutest cards and goody bags for 10 widowed ladies in our church.

The bags were filled with decorative tissue packs, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, nail files, and candy.

The cards were decorated with Bible verses about love, ribbons, and cute little bows :)

They handed out most of the bags the Sunday before Valentine's Day at church.
Others were delivered to the homes of those not in attendance.

Their thoughtful gifts were very much appreciated and put smiles on the faces of those sweet ladies.

Never underestimate how the simplest of ideas can have such a HUGE impact on someone's life.

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